GEORGES ROUAULT (1871 - 1958)

GEORGES ROUAULT (1871 - 1958)
GEORGES ROUAULT (1871 - 1958)
GEORGES ROUAULT (1871 - 1958)


Georges Rouault is a French painter, born in Paris, and died in the same city.

At the age of fourteen, he becomes apprentice of a stained-glass windows painter. Then in 1891, he enters the Paris School of Fine Arts in Gustave Moreau's class.  With the painters Henri Matisse and Albert Marquet, Georges Rouault created the Autumn lounge in 1903. The same year, he is named conservative of the Gustave Moreau museum, in Paris, which has just opened.

Georges Rouault, with a critical observation approaches themes connected to society: judges, lawyers, courtrooms, emigrants, fugitives are as much the reflection of a revolt facing human poverty as a pretext in his own stylistic researches.

Profoundly Catholic, he recognizes in this suffering humanity the face of the Christ which he looks for in numerous of his paintings, evoking his passion, like the work "The Christ laughed by the soldiers" of 1932.

From 1910, collectors and traders recognize the strength of his work. In particular Ambroise Vollard and Maurice Girardin.

In 1938,  the Museum of Modern Art of New York exposes his engraveries.
At the end of his life, Georges Rouault burns 300 of his paintings

At his death, the French government decides to organize him official funeral. His prestige as colorer and engraver did not stop extending in particular in Japan and in Korea. It is considered as one of the most important religious painters of the XXth century.

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