Frantisek Kupka begins his artistic formation in 1887 in Prague with Frantisek Sequens who is strongly influenced by the nazaréen movement.

In 1894, Kupka travels to London and in Scandinavia, then definitively settles down in Paris. Just like a lot of artists, Frantisek Kupka works in his early stages as caricaturist and draftsman. He gets acquainted with Jacques Villon who will introduce him in 1910 to Marcel Duchamp, Robert Delaunay, Fernand Léger and Francis Picabia. He will discuss  with them about cubism and futurism.

The work of Frantisek Kupka then changes fundamentally: he is the first artist in France to make the step from the Art nouveau to the abstraction. The acceptance of the ornament as autonomous element of the Art nouveau brings him to get loose definitively from a natural shape to a total abstract one.

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