NICOLAS DE STA╦L (1914 - 1955)

NICOLAS DE STA╦L (1914 - 1955)
NICOLAS DE STA╦L (1914 - 1955)


Nicolas de Staël is a Russian painter naturalized French in 1948, being at the same time into abstraction and representation, his work is rich in hundreds of portraits, landscapes and still lives.

In 1933, he begins to study in the Fine art Academy of Brussels, then he travels in France where he discovers Matisse and Cézanne and he will meet a few years later  in Morocco, the painter Janine Guillou who will become his partner.

The couple settles down in Nice where it gets acquainted with  a numerous of artists and painters who by their influence, will urge Nicolas de Staël to paint his first abstract paintings.

In 1943, the painter returns to Paris and participates with Caesar Domela in exhibitions under the Activity, while the abstract art is disapproved.

His partner dies in 1946 after the second world war. Theses years are marked by the hunger and the hardships where nevertheless, he continues to paint a lot, play with layers of textures, and colors.

In 1949, the national Museum of modern art of Paris acquires "Compositions", and the magazine " Exercise books of art " dedicates him an article which is worth to his consideration into the art world.

From 1952, the painter paints more and more representational works and exposes in England, in Paris and also in New York.

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