October 13th, 2017 - November 2nd, 2017


Lives and works in Lausanne.

His interest in art begins with the charcoal drawing followed by iron sculpture and returns to a pictorial expression on handmade paper covered with many layers of engraved paintings.Then the need for thickness requires the use of a new base : wood, engaging the bending of the panel surface.Paradox of shininess and dullness, hollows and bumps, precious and crude repetition of simple patterns shape this abstract work, a bas-relief painting. Black is most of the time ubiquitous; clear color, if it occurs, is ivory or natural wood. His wall sculptures attract the eye, the hand, encourage the spectator to move and even with the surface of this rich patinas.

Today the volume and the surface, assert on prepared wood that painting enhance in a complementary dialogue.

From the result of this intimacy with the artwork can be born tranquility. The art pieces are untitled as the entire work is part of "Le silence de la pense?e.