Alberto Giacometti

Lampadaire modèle "Figure"

The 30s constitute a decisive turning point in Alberto Giacometti's relationship with the decorative arts. His encounter with Jean-Michel Frank, whose influence still resonates today, defines a more serious involvement. Henceforth the sculptor occupies a central position among Frank's collaborators where his creations become essential to each of his projects. For about ten years, the two friends helped by the expertise of Diego Giacometti created a rich variety of objects to adorn the interior of an elitist clientele, including Hubert de Givenchy, Marguerite and Aimé Maeght as well as Nelson Rockefeller.cLampadaire modèle'figures, comes from the collection of the famous photographer and Alberto Giacometti's friend, Brassaï. This delicate model, combining artistic and functional elegance, evokes a light silhouette with a soft feminine figure with raised shoulders. The composition retains an aesthetic and approach similar to the artist's sculptures. On several occasions, his experiences in one field resonated in the other so much so that it is impossible to say whether it was the decorative arts that influenced his practice as a sculptor or vice versa.

Still very popular nowadays, the collaboration between Giacometti and Frank has been a major success since its beginning.