Sam Francis


Untitled, SF 60-1135, belongs to the famous Blue Balls' serie from the 60?s, it also follows Sam Francis first trip in Japan in 1957 that initiates his research on fullness and emptiness. It is possible this work has been created or started during one of his trip in Tokyo.
Sam Francis, leader and representant of Abstract expressionism's second generation, invites us in a fascinating trip where colors are spirit's expression. This series was a kind of purgatory, an exorcism for Sam Francis that was severely sick at this time. According to great Art critic for the NY times, Roberta Smith this series of Blue Balls shows a young artist at the height of his powers, mark a turning point in American painting with unusual complexity, and in both ways may unsettle prevailing opinion about their creator's achievement. Sam Francis compositions also shows us his fascination for lightning, thereby he invites us to contemplate presence and absence of the light through contrast effects.

Sam Francis foundation has confirmed this work has been re worked later in the 80's. Beside, we can see on the back the inscription "PM" which means "Private museum", that signifactes the piece was reserved for his private collection.