Chu Teh Chun

La falaise rouge

The mastery of Chu Teh-Chun, to combine oriental abstraction with the poetical and lyrical Asian art does not cease to amaze the world. A constant intertwinement of force and elegance is sensible in his works to weave the emotional significance of abstract expression into the philosophical and esthetic Chinese traditions. « La falaise rouge » is a perfect paragon of the oeuvre of the painter.
The emotions of Chu Teh-Chu are beautifully expressed in this powerful work by a red and black composition. The colours are delicately applied and contribute to a captivating layering. The tones gradually change from bright to darker hues, to bring out the fluid forms of the brushstrokes. The artist brings indefinite depth to the mysterious tones of blacks in this composition and liberates an energetic force throughout the softened light brought on by the use of yellow.
An incredible capability, seen before in the works of the old master, Rembrandt, whose works Chu Teh Chun studied in the '70s. He meticulously observed the way Rembrandt plays with dramatic light and shades in his paintings. The light inside the painting seems to be alive with vibrations that extent and evolve in new and fantastic visual impressions.
With his fantastical, almost magical creations Chu Teh-Chun made his mark on the world and art history in general. He surprised everyone with his creative take on abstract painting and Chinese art. Jean-Clarence Lambert, poet and art critic said the following about Chu Teh-Chun's work: « A painter of fire, Aire and Fire, with, something indefinable, to which the mystery clings, which makes him incomparable to anyone else » (Lambert, Chu Teh-Chun, 1987, p.22, translation)